Welcome to TimeLash 2015

Beloved Doctor Who Fan,

if you are ready, we will take you with us on an adventure which has never before found its way to Germany: TimeLash – the first convention solely about Doctor Who.

Organised by fans, for fans.

Our guests are of course actors and actresses from the series. But also authors, script editors, dubbing representatives up to of Doctor Who audio productions of BigFinish in the UK offer a broad insight into all that defines the Doctor Who phenomena.

With the TimeLash being a new convention and fans having made bad experiences in the past with similar events sometimes being cancelled on short notice, we decided to undertake certain safeguard measures. We start the TimeLash as crowdfunding campaign. If we manage to reach our financial goal in the predetermined time nothing stands in the way of the event. If we don’t make it, we know that the interest in Germany is not big enough and all involved parties will get their money back. But we are confident that Germany is ready for a TimeLash.

That’s why we hope for your support so that we all can live and experience the same dream in October in our location in Kassel.

You can find our campaign through which you can also buy tickets by clicking on “Crowdfunding” in the menu above.

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Excerpt from our guest list

Here’s a small teaser of the guests who await you on the TimeLash. The complete overview can be found on our guest list.

>>List of confirmed guests